Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring to my appointment?

  • Arizona State issued driver’s license or Arizona State issued identification card

  • Any paperwork that you have received from us prior to your appointment

  • Medical record identifying your qualifying condition (We may have this prior to the appointment - if we do there is no need to bring it.)

  • Payment - Cash, Visa or Mastercard

  • *If you are enrolled in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program you will need to bring your identification card with your name on it.  

  • See our requirements page for more information on these items


Will Insurance Cover the fees for my evaluation and certification?

  • No. Insurance will not cover any fees or appointment charges associated with obtaining a Arizona Medical Marijuana Card.


How long does the certification appointment take?

  • Every patient is important to us and deserves the attention and time of the doctor and our staff. We will try to keep the appointment to 30-45 minutes, including the time with the doctor and the paperwork needed in office.  


Who can write a Medical Certification for a patient?

  • MD (allopathic) physician with a valid Arizona license

  • DO (osteopathic) physician with a valid Arizona license

  • MDH or DOH (homeopathic) physician with a valid Arizona license

  • ND or NMD (naturopathic) physician with a valid Arizona license

*Our doctor is in good standing with their medical board and has many years experience in MMJ certifications. 


How long before I get my card?

  • Approximately 3 business weeks.  It could be sooner but the state allows for 3 business weeks time.  

  • If your certification is not complete or is on hold it could take longer. It also could take longer depending on how long it takes for the release of your medical records to our facility.  

  • The 3 business weeks time frame is once everything is complete for your certification and submitted to the state.


Who will know that I have a medical marijuana card?

  • It is confidential personal medical information and no one will know about your card.  The state uses an ID number to identify medical marijuana card holders. This is not public information.

  • Our office is located inside of a medical building. No one in the waiting room or outside of office staff will know why you are presenting for evaluation. We offer a private and confidential environment. 


Is the doctor writing me a prescription for marijuana?

  • No, the doctor is not writing a prescription. The doctor is determining if your health condition qualifies for and you would benefit from the medical marijuana program.  


Can I purchase medical marijuana from a dispensary before I have my card?

  • No, you must wait until you possess your Arizona Medical Marijuana Registry Card.  


Where do I get the medical marijuana?

  • There are a number of dispensaries in the valley. You may shop at any dispensary you choose with your card. They will be able to assist you with the different products that they offer and what products will best fit your needs.  Caregivers are another option.


Can a minor (under the age of 18) be eligible for a medical marijuana certification?

  • Yes, if they have one of the qualifying conditions. The state requires a signed certification from 2 physicians. They must have a caregiver. Please inquire for more information.


When will I have to renew my card?

  • The registry identification card will expire one year from the date that the card was issued.  The state will email you 2 months before your card expires. We will also contact you to schedule a renewal.  We recommend starting the renewal process 4 weeks before your card expires.


Where can I find more information about the state laws?


Question not answered? Please contact us for more detailed information.