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We take the stress and worry out of medical marijuana evaluations in Arizona.  We are a growing group dedicated to help patients in need to legally obtain an Arizona Medical Marijuana Card in a private and professional environment. 


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Marijuana is experiencing attention like it has never before.  With laws and regulations rapidly changing and significant media attention, more and more people are discussing and questioning the ever changing perception of this ancient plant.   At the time this was written, 29 states have medical marijuana laws in place and 9 states have legalized recreational use of marijuana, including Washington D.C.  These changes and shifts in public and scientific evaluation of the marijuana plant have not been without controversy.   Wherever you find yourself in the marijuana debate, the goal of this website is to provide you information to make educated descisions regarding the use of marijuana to promote human health and wellness.   

Each state that has a medical marijuana program has identified specific medical conditions that have been found to benefit from the use of medical marijuana.   Click here for the Arizona qualifying conditions and requirements.  


Did you know? 


THC and CBD are only two of dozens of cannabinoids.  THC is most commonly known for it's psychocactive properties, it is the THC that can create the "high" that many users appreciate.  CBD is not known for it's direct psychoactive properties but offers balance to the action of THC. 

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Hemp is still part of the Cannabis genus, however it is mostly utilized

for non-psychoactive applications.  

Almost every part of the Hemp plant has a beneficial use;

papers and fabrics, building materials, and is an excellent source of proteins and healthy fats.